Translational Oncologic Imaging

The goal of our research is to improve individual patient diagnostics and therapy response monitoring in oncology. We employ laboratory model systems and advanced computational methods to develop and validate imaging-derived biomarkers.

Our preclinical work comprises the characterization of advanced tumor models including genetically engineered mouse models and PDX, the development of novel multi-modal imaging techniques (e.g. Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopic Imaging, Phase Contrast Computed Tomography) and the integrated anaylsis of imaging and morphomolecular data.

Our clinical work includes the curation of large, multi-institutional image and clinical data repositiores, the integrated modelling of image data and metadata for the improved non-invasive characterization of tumor heterogeneity and the prediction of individual patient therapy response and survival


Prof. Dr. Rickmer Braren
PD Dr. Georgios Kaissis, MHBA
PD Dr. Fabian Lohöfer
Sebastian Ziegelmayer
Philip Gouder
Dr. Benedikt Feuerecker
Jessica Ritter
Dr. Joshua Gawlitza
Dr. Stefan Reischl

MD Candidate

Friederike Jungmann
Sophie Schlürmann
Florian Lippenberger
Hannah Havrda
Tristan Lemke
Philip Raffler
Eva Jung
Matthias Zierhut

PhD Candidate

Tamara Müller
Alina Dima
Leo Feiner
Alex Ziller
Dimitrii Usynin

Research Assistant

Caroline Müller
Moritz Knolle